Fowl Conditions: A Deep Dive into Layering for Public Land Waterfowling

Posted by Ford Van Fossan on January 22, 2021

Don't Forget About Your Feet

Posted by Bridget Noonan on September 11, 2020

Have your feet ever ruined your hunt? We’ve all been there. I definitely have. And yet still, taking care of my feet tends to be the last thing that crosses my mind while organizing my pack for the fall season. I asked around the First Lite marketing team and organized some of our favorite tips, tricks, and gear necessities below for those who need to re-address their foot care for 2020. Maybe it’s that you need a better pair of socks, maybe it’s that you need the old fashioned duct tape trick, or maybe you can learn from someone’s process for drying out socks in the field. Either way, read on and let us know what has worked for you.

Protecting Minnesota's Boundary Waters Wilderness

Posted by Spencer Shaver on August 12, 2020

In the summer of 2020, America has looked to our public land with renewed importance. Across the country we are recognizing the value of our shared public access to these landscapes in a new light. Many of us have long understood their importance to our country and actively pursue efforts to improve that access, as well as the quality of habitat for fish and wildlife that we have access to. As hunters and anglers, we’ve pushed Congress to invest in these lands over and over, by fully funding programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund through advocacy for the Great American Outdoor Act.

Hunting Dry Backcountry

Posted by Josh Kirchner on August 05, 2020

As the middle of December got farther and farther away in the rear view mirror, I got closer and closer to my first backpack hunt in January. My brother and I would pack into the high desert for coues deer with our bows. Up until this point, many of my evenings were spent scouring maps for places to camp, “deery” country, and water. Living in Arizona, water is something that can be quite hard to come by. It’s always there somewhere, but in varying degrees. If I’m being honest, it made me quite jealous of those that got to backpack hunt in areas a bit more rich in water. Places where most creeks actually flowed and there were reliable water sources around. The arid country that we call home forces us to use our heads in relation to water, because as we all know, water is life. Since that first backpack hunt we did quite a few years ago, there are a few things I’ve learned to keep in mind when in areas slim on water.

Are Food Plots Overrated?

Posted by Matt Ross on July 10, 2020

Everyone hopes to experience an exciting hunt when they go afield, and one way to increase the odds of that happening is to manage habitat and influence your decisions on harvest choice when they arise. Habitat management for white-tailed deer in particular has been popular for decades, and when you think about the habitat needs of deer, it’s pretty simple. They need food, cover, water and space to roam. Interestingly though one of the first things folks want to do when diving into habitat management is plant a tree or food plot. They’re fun and relatively easy to implement, and they work. In a way, they also fit into our society’s all too often “silver bullet” mentality. And while these efforts certainly have the potential to draw deer and exponentially add food resources for wildlife to utilize, most don’t provide an element of something else that deer need: cover. At least not in large quantities.

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