A Market Approach to Bighorn Sheep Conservation in the Northern Rockies

Posted by Kit Fischer on November 04, 2019

Where conflicts between livestock and wildlife are prolonged and intractable, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) believes that public land grazing retirements can provide an equitable solution for ranchers and wildlife interests. In coordination with federal land managers, the NWF negotiates with livestock producers to retire livestock grazing allotments that experience chronic conflict with wildlife. In Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming this project focuses on efforts to reduce the risk of disease contact between domestic and wild sheep. This market approach recognizes the economic value of livestock grazing permits and fairly compensates producers for retiring their leases. This approach establishes an important new western model for resolving conflicts between livestock and wildlife on public lands.

How to Kill the Biggest Buck of Your Life

Posted by Jason Phelps on October 25, 2019

Elk-Pedition: An Arkansan's First Wapiti Hunt

Posted by Ford Van Fossan on September 19, 2019

“How hard can elk hunting be, right?” I chided to my son as we planned our elk hunt just three weeks prior to our departure. After decades of ignoring elk, my attention distinctly shifted towards the big ungulates in early August 2019. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate elk, but

Meat Care in the Field

Posted by Ford Van Fossan on September 05, 2019

All year long we wait. We dream of heavy packs loaded with meat and the feeling of loading that stuff into the cooler after a successful hunt. Sitting down at your dining room table and enjoying the fruits of your labor really brings things full circle. Yes, there is nothing

Layering for the Southwest

Posted by Ford Van Fossan on August 15, 2019
Ambassador Josh Kirchner reviews his clothing system for hunting in the Southwest.

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